There are many tag options in the RFID market so educating yourself on what is available is important in order to choose the appropriate solution for your unique application.

Secure Solutions

Making the Right Choice

Secure Tag Technology

BOR (Break on Removal) or NTNR (Non-Transferrable, Non-Removable) technology is available on both windshield and headlamp mount RFID tags. This technology is what sets them apart from others in the industry and allows them to offer the highest level of security and performance.

Complete Tag Engineering

Choose RFID tags that have been completely engineered for the rigors of vehicle applications. These RFID tags will be designed with features which include UV protection as well as multi-layer lamination to protect the RFID circuit  (antenna and RFID chip) from environmental hazards.  Beware of tags made with inferior materials (such as paper) or without adequate protection.

Beware - Recently there have been several companies that are selling incomplete RFID tags into the market. These RFID tags are referred to as "Wet Inlays" in the RFID tag industry.  While a Wet Inlay is functional, it is an unfinished component to a complete RFID tag and therefore offers no environmental protection.

Fully Engineered and Protected Windshield Tag

No UV or environmental protection.